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Reputation & Testimonials

Our business thrives entirely on client referrals and word of mouth advertising.  Our clients refer us based on our sound quality, affordability, studio atmosphere and integrity.    

The sound quality is established in each element of the process, from studio wiring and instruments to microphones, pre-amps and speakers.  We only choose gear that can produce the best quality of sound.  Our client’s many awards and nominations are a testament to the quality of recordings we produce.

Without compromising any quality, we use every method possible to keep our prices low.  From finding great deals on gear, to running the studio out of our home, to providing full circle services in one location… we know that every penny you save now can be used later, on promotion and development.  Whether you are looking for a demo or full-length radio album, we can match our production with your budget.

Our clients are always impressed with how relaxing the studio environment is, and how easily they can create and perform their best.  With comfortable rooms, a no-pressure atmosphere and clean tidy workspaces, making your best album yet is easy!

Here’s what some others have to say…

We would have a hard time finding words to express exactly how happy we are with how our recording experience at Revelation Sound went. The entire process, from bed tracks to mixdown, has been nothing short of wonderful, and we are overjoyed at how well the project developed. Not only is Brad a first-rate engineer, but his artistic contributions at both an inspirational and theoretical level helped us transform our songs and sound so that the project gained depth and energy as it progressed through the various stages. Although Brad had never worked with bluegrass before, he managed to pull music out of us that challenged our abilities as musicians, and powered our sound into one that sits nicely in the genre of contemporary bluegrass music. From the actual "work" of the recording to the many and varied conversations in the studio, not a moment was wasted, and the process not only renewed our passion for making music, but has encouraged our lives and art as Christians; both Brad and Jen have their priorities in order, and we could certainly sense God's anointing over their studio as we engaged with them as professionals and friends. Rescue Junction would like to thank Revelation Sound for providing a wonderful space in which to develop our first recording, and will be proudly endorsing Revelation Sound to anyone who wants a reference. We are looking forward to working with this studio in the future, and wish God's richest blessings on it as it continues to enable Christian artists to spread the gospel in song.

Kyle Gerber, Rescue Junction

Brad’s professional insights into the recording process are always offered in a sensitive way, helpful to the uninitiated and without polluting the individual integrity of the work that represents who you are as an artist.  It was a pleasure working with him.

Deanna Chapman, Simple Song

Brad makes the working environment a place where an artist at any level of experience can flourish… he never tried to put me in a box and say ‘this is who you should be because that’s what’s popular right now’.  As a result he helped me find my own unique style.

Lauren Dally

I would highly recommend the studio and the engineer to anyone looking for a great sounding record, at a very reasonable cost.

John Miller (Lynzie Kent, ‘New Red Shoes’)

You took my vision for this album and paired with ideas of your own, have created an album above and beyond what I thought possible.  Your great talent as a guitarist has shone through on this album as well.  It has been a pleasure to have you produce this album.

Christine Wheeler

Brad Dugas was the secret ingredient for this project.  His studio, Revelation Sound, played host as he shepherded us through the myriad details of the creative process.

Rob Simpson (Sisters of Fate, ‘Ghost Tracks’)

Personal – Professional - Prepared

Derrick Drover

Thanks for listening to my ideas and hearing the music in my head… you made learning the ropes much easier.  I appreciate your testimony for Christ.  Keep it up brother.

Jake Wiebe